TV Club: Orphan Black closes its run with its focus on exactly the right thing: the sisterhood

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There’s a tendency with finales to overstuff them, to try and fit every last question you might have about a character’s life into 45 minutes of television. Or even longer, as shows are often given Very Special Episode status and stretch out into ungainly two hour finales. For a show like Orphan Black, full of plot twists and sinister villains, you might have expected a battle to the end against the forces of Neolution. But that’s not how the writers decided to go out.

Instead, Coady and John are dispatched in about the first fifteen minutes of the episode. What follows is an earnest examination of what the lives of the clones would look like after what they’ve been through. Sarah kills John (with the immortal kiss-off line, “Ah, shut up”), Art and Helena take care of Coady, and then it’s on to the rest …