TV Club: An uneven Insecure hits on everything from open relationships to police tension

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“Hella LA” is a hella weird episode of Insecure. It feels disjointed and forces together a few educational moments in a way that feels distracting. While the biggest takeaway from “Hella LA” is the reintroduction of Daniel, the episode also opens up new possibilities for Molly and gives Lawrence more of a character arc. Still, the episode suffers because Issa feels like she’s on the sidelines. Insecure certainly has a strong enough ensemble to carry an episode without Issa being in on the action, but “Hella LA” is just trying to do too much.

Let’s start with Lawrence. In this episode, Lawrence goes from fully embracing his new fuckboy status to a terrifying interaction with police, then to a threesome and finally to Issa’s apartment building. ”Hella LA” tries to do a lot with Lawrence and there are definitely interesting points being made, but it almost feels …