TV Club: A quiet Scandal finale focuses on Olivia as the villain

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In Scandal’s soapiest season, it’s not shocking that the show delivers its soapiest finale to date. While previous seasons ended with political intrigue or a looming threat, “Tick, Tock” and “Transfer of Power” just try to wrap up a lot of loose ends. As Scandal enters its last season, the show seems fixated on character growth and development. When you consider everything that happened this season––an assassination, the search for the killer, Cyrus’ arrest, the emergence of a new big bad organization––this two-hour finale feels quiet.

Even though it doesn’t make much sense, Luna Vargas ends up being the season’s evil mastermind. It’s necessary to lay it all out, because it’s a true leap of faith for the show to expect viewers to accept this twist. So, Luna Vargas hired Paeus and Samantha to kill Vargas because Cyrus convinced her she’d …