Neoliberals are trying to do the impossible: Make their memes cool

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The alt-right and the radical left may be losing elections, but there’s one kewl territory where they’re still gaining turf: the meme wars.

Take a look at 2016Weaponized white nationalist frog militias dominated elections in the United States, as memes of Bernie cuddling tiny kittens climbed their way to the Tumblr top. Largely absent were memes coming from free market centrists known, always disparagingly, as “neoliberals.”

The moderates have a meme problem.

Neoliberalism, a socially liberal, pro-immigration, pro-market ideology popularized by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, does have its fans and its memes. There’s r/neoliberal, which currently boasts over 11,531 “free traders” and some unapologetically wonky commentary. The page Gnarly Neoliberal Memes offers the equivalent on Facebook.¬† Read more…

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