Here are all your favourite paintings with pandas instead of people

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These pandas are certainly shaking up the art scene.

A Chinese online illustrator is re-imagining iconic paintings, but replacing the humans inside with pandas. The results are surprisingly unforgettable.

Here’s Panda Lisa:

Image: 阿尨/WEIBO

The Creation of Panda:

Image: 阿尨/WEIBO

Panda with a parasol:

Image: 阿尨/WEIBO

The Vitruvian Panda:

Image: 阿尨/WEIBO

And The Scream(ing Panda):

Image: 阿尨/WEIBO

The gifs created by A-Long, a Shenzhen-based artist, are also going pretty viral on Chinese social media site Weibo. Read more…

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