Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How Celine Dion became cool

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It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that Céline Dion was almost universally derided, her interminable Titanic theme song and apparent immodesty opening her up for Saturday Night Live parodies and “most annoying song” lists.

But a resurgence may be in the works for Dion. Her recent appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, for example, was met with unqualified praise, with claims that her performance of her most famous song saved the ceremony, according to The Atlantic. Fellow Canadian Drake appeared to be gobsmacked when meeting Dion backstage at the show. Dion, it appears, is cool now. A Maclean’s article by Carl Wilson—who wrote the legendary 33 1/3 on Dion—traces how that transition appears to have happened.

Wilson notes that as long ago as 2007 “stars like Prince and producer Rick Rubin could often be found at her shows in Las Vegas, and young …