Great Job, Internet!: Here’s the extremely depressing alternate ending of Get Out

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By using a solid balance of humor and true terror, Get Out was able to accomplish something that a lot of other horror films fail to do. While the audience is firmly planted on the edge of their seats from start to finish, they never feel overwhelmed by the movie because each moment of tension comes with a moment of release. But in an alternate ending written and shot by director Jordan Peele, we get a chance to see a much more depressing version of the film that offers no such release from the darkness.

Obviously, spoilers for Get Out beyond this point.

In the film’s final moments after Daniel Kaluuya’s character Andre has triumphantly dispatched the Armitage family and is making his great escape, the audience is given one final fright as blue lights and sirens burst into the darkened scene. In the theatrical cut, the “cop …