For Our Consideration: Meeting People Is Easy captured how much it sucks to be Radiohead

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However much you might hate Radiohead, nobody hated Radiohead as much as the band hated itself during the shooting of Grant Gee’s 1998 documentary Meeting People Is Easy. And however much you love, or hate, or even feel indifferent toward the group, it has very little to do with Gee’s film, in which Radiohead’s actual music—quite poignantly—becomes almost entirely beside the point, an afterthought to all the promotional demands that making successful art creates and, ultimately, something that takes on a burdensome and disparate life of its own. Nearly 20 years later, Meeting People Is Easy is still the best document of the band’s uniquely uncomfortable stardom. It may even be the best movie ever made about how shitty it is to be famous.

If your initial response to that is “Oh, boo hoo,” then the members of Radiohead would likely agree with you …