Big Issues: Koyama Press’ decade of excellence continues with 6 outstanding new titles

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Every two weeks, Big Issues focuses on newly released comic books of significance. This week, it’s the spring catalog of Koyama Press: Crawl Space by Jesse Jacobs, Condo Heartbreak Disco by Eric Kostiuk Williams, So Pretty/Very Rotten by Jane Mai and An Nguyen, Sunburning by Keiler Roberts, Volcano Trash by Ben Sears, and You & A Bike & A Road by Eleanor Davis. These six titles highlight the creativity and diversity that have made Koyama Press an industry leader for remarkable graphic novels with a distinct voice and style. (This review reveals major plot points.)

A cartoon version of Annie Koyama appears on the cover of every book released by her Toronto-based small press. Typically, this cartoon Annie wears a red dress (the color of the publisher’s booth at conventions), crosses her arms, and has a look of irritated disapproval on her face. It’s the look …